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Raymond Hogler
Professor of Management, Colorado State University

“Right-to-work” laws – which allow workers to benefit from union collective bargaining without paying union dues – are spreading across the states. In an era when labor earnings have already declined, these laws disable unions and further undercut wages and benefits for American workers and their families.

Peter Lindsay
Associate Professor of Political Science and Philosophy, Georgia State University

With the Supreme Court about to hear Constitutional arguments, legal gay marriage remains a contentious issue. But widely appreciated ideas about personal liberty, separation of church and state, and the limited role of government may help many Republicans and Democrats find common ground.

Three SSN members – Mala Htun, Patricia Sullivan, and Daniel Tichenor – are among 32 scholars just named as inaugural Andrew Carnegie Fellows. Each will receive a grant of $200,000 from the Carnegie Corporation to pursue a major study relevant to the 2015 theme: work addressing Current and Future Challenges to U.S. Democracy and International Order

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez
PhD Candidate in Government and Social Policy, Harvard University

Hertel-Fernandez explains the clout of conservative trans-state policy networks – and shows why progressives have a long ways to go to gain parity in the fifty state capitals where legislators fashion health reforms, voting rules, climate regulations, and more.

Police shootings of unarmed black men and boys in Ferguson, Cleveland, New York City and beyond have ignited protests and demands for change.  SSN scholars diagnose longstanding problems and suggest research-based reforms to improve enforcement and enhance community support for equitable policing. 

Deana A. Rohlinger
Associate Professor of Sociology, Florida State University

Decades after landmark Supreme Court decisions in 1973, abortion remains a flashpoint in U.S. politics. An important new book surveys the shifting legislative and judicial terrain and analyzes how pro-choice and pro-life advocates devise media strategies and deal with dilemmas of publicity. 

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